Strange Notions

fanciful conceptions of the experienced and imagined

This exhibition of representational and conceptual works of fibre art is about the intense spirit reflected in and associated with the individual artist’s chosen subject matter. The theme,Strange Notions, has the potential to delve into rich resources. From the tangible to the non-tangible, the personal to the communal, Strange Notions yields critical reflections and thoughtful projections from the artists.

Within the context of a group of women who have learned about each other, their lives, their histories and interests Strange Notions frames an exploration of the unknown, the strange, the paradoxical, the inconsistent and the humorous faced/ or confronted in daily life.

Every artwork is imbued with its own story, a celebration of difference in the combination of fibres and techniques to produce works reflecting the theme of the exhibition, each interrelating with the structure or state of another within the narrative. Each artwork vibrates within the storyline, reacts to its scale and personality and seems to socialize and interrelate within the space, yet each keeping its identity.

Gallery Lane Cove + CREATIVE STUDIOS

11 Oct – 4 NOV 2023

164 Longueville Rd., LANE COVE NSW 2066