Brenda Livermore


As an artist I am drawn to the natural and our response to the environment. I enjoy the process of beginning with making the very materials that will eventually form a new and separate work. I respond to that seed of inspiration that often catches us unaware and grows into a work or a series of work or a life long pursuit of making and creating.

I am driven by a desire to make, to put materials and ideas together and see what happens and where that may take me.

I work across a wide variety of media – painting, printmaking, paper making and artists books, drawing, encaustic, basketry and fibre sculpture and enjoy combining methods and materials as inspiration and the work directs.

Often my work will require a substantial investment in time and I find that this time is an important component in the process. It is while working on these long process pieces that my thoughts can settle in to an almost meditative state further fostering the creative process.