In self//CONTAINED  one hundred and twenty 1-litre ‘enveloped’ milk bottles are a metaphor for the urge to nurture family, society, the environment and the commodification and homogenisation of the feminine. Historically, a ‘glass ceiling’ hovers overhead – a barrier for female nurturers past, present and future in the home, the workplace, the community or in the environment. Female identityis controlled and contained within defined expectations and notions of beauty and body image aligned with commercial interests in a throwaway economy.

References of mothering and nurturing are at odds with a mass-produced plastic milk bottle ending up in landfill.

untethered’s self//CONTAINEDbottles enveloped with care, concern, stories and warnings of consumerism, ageism, apathy, sexism, labels, violence, environmental issues, societal expectations and apathy focus on issues requiring tough choices and/or opportunity to enable freedom or a ‘breakaway’ to make a stand.

Individually and collectively choice makes a difference.

The Coal Loader

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