Jennifer Florey

I prefer to work in series exploring a concept in a number of related works, working in a range of materials and techniques selected to best translate concept into material art objects. Combining modernist artforms such as painting, drawing and printmaking with what was once called craft techniques, my practice intentionally challenges old paradigms of artist and artwork. Working with cloth and stitch, using a sewing machine as a drawing tool my works layer technique to build an image.

Language and research underpin my practice and are my starting point. I enjoy using visual and word puns in both titling and in the juxtaposition of imagery. Given a theme, I search for a point of connection, a link to a personal narrative, a place or experience then playing with ways of representing this connection in relation to the theme.

I draw inspiration from the work of other artists, exhibitions and art galleries allow for emersion into a genre, an artists practice or a theme. Both the Grayson Perry Exhibition,  and NUDE exhibition have directly informed my practice of late. My imagery is often figurative exploring stories juxtaposed with text.

Florey, Jen_ The F word quilt