the mark as the embodiment of identity and intent

Signatures marks the launch in 2021 of the second five-year exhibition cycle for untethered fibre artists inc.

Signatures investigates the making of a mark – the distinctive pattern, notion or characteristic by which someone or something may be identified..

Each artwork rephrases assumptions and reflects the diversity in approach to artmaking, through the vocabulary of fibre.

The theme, Signatures, has the potential to delve into rich resources -from the tangible to the non-tangible, the personal to the communal. untethered promise to deliver artworks under-pinned by the past, present and future of ourselves and our communities within the world.


Australian Design Centre

25th March – 15th May 2021

2nd Dec 2021 – 23rd Jan 2022

12 Macquarie St., Taree. N.S.W