Kirry Toose


There is always a question mark as to where wearable art sits in the traditional exhibition/art area. I try to define myself on my own terms within this art genre. My longstanding identity and practical undertaking in art wear and subsequent installation work are optimistic in their intent and essence – the goal is towards breaking down the perceived barriers of fibre and using the body as an integral part of the installation.

Trained as a Designer/Patternmaker, my formative years were in the ‘Rag-Trade’, the Elizabethan Theatre Trust and the Sydney Opera. My artistic endeavours include tutoring at the Australian Catholic University Teachers’ College, Ku-ring-gai Art Centre, International Fibre Forums, University of Southern Queensland, the Queensland Flying Arts Program, TAFE, various universities and high schools, as well as community project groups, including founding untethered fibre artists inc.I have also panelled a number of national fibre arts competitions, including Genes for Jeans, Do it with Denim, the Narrabri Cotton Awards, the Embroiderers’ Guild Olive Cotton Awards and Art to Wear.

My work is often a reflection of a singular, changing theme that speaks to the female ideology, working at the intersection of art and design. Working in a variety of processes from traditional pattern-making and techniques, to encompassing new technologies in machine embroidery and digital media. My trademark is the attention to the detail, the constant challenge in this chosen artpractice, both in design and technical abilities, identifies me and the evolution of my personal skills.

Toose, Kirry_ Keepers
Reinventing the tacit, restrictive clothing associated with an asylum into the contemporary.
Life Unfurled