Currently, there are no membership vacancies.

When a vacancy becomes available, we will let prospective members know via this website and our Facebook page.

When a vacancy arises

Applications will be considered on the basis of an assessment of the artist’s work and their likely fit for our unusual approach of mutual support and co-critiquing.

Generally, applications would open 7 Dec, or whenever it was clear a member was not renewing, and close one month later. Ideally, the process could be finalised by the February group meeting, to allow the new member to participate.

Vacancies during a cycle will be treated on a case by case basis, depending on the stage in the cycle.

Membership Brief overview:

  • Applicants should have exhibition, conceptual and technical practice on a par with the level of the group now.
  • They should also demonstrate a capacity to work in a group, for the benefit of all. Their approach should reflect the collegiate philosophy of the group.
  • Membership is only open to residents of NSW/ACT. The group requires a percentage of Sydney-based members to function. This balance will be reviewed annually.