Currently, there are no membership vacancies. When vacancies occur, this page will be updated and a notification posted on our Facebook Page.

untethered fibre artist’s produce and exhibit art using fibre, textile materials and processes. The group provides a forum for members’ expression and development of fibre art practices.

untethered fibre artists inc. offers members the opportunity to exhibit as professional artists in multiple venues, to share costs and to engage in mutual critiquing and encouragement. In turn, members are expected to:

  • engage with the group critique process as currently practiced within untethered fibre artists inc. Note that this is not an individual mentoring process.
  • engage with other members and their work, online in our invisible Facebook group and in person
  • attend bi-monthly meetings on the north side of Sydney,
  • bear their share of costs (currently about $800 pp p.a.), and
  • share the administrative load of making exhibitions happen.

Members commit in December to an exhibition cycle commencing the following November and ending at the last exhibition for that cycle.

Membership overview:

  • Applicants should have exhibition, conceptual and technical practice on a par with the level of the group now.
  • They should also demonstrate a capacity to work in a group, for the benefit of all. Their approach should reflect the collegiate philosophy of the group.
  • Membership is only open to residents of NSW/ACT. The group requires a percentage of Sydney-based members to function. This balance will be reviewed annually.

Applications will be considered on the basis of an assessment of the artist’s work and their likely fit for our unusual approach of mutual support and co-critiquing. The expectations within the group are rigorous, with the focus on professionalism in producing exceptional artworks for the exhibition arena. Members are expected to commit time to the group, both to facilitate quality work and to engage in practical tasks in our busy schedule.

Selected applicants are asked to attend a personal interview with a selection panel. untethered fibre artists inc. reserves the right not to select any candidates.

For further information, please contact us.