Jennifer Corkish

As a fibre/mixed media artist, I pursue my own style, building on skills and knowledge I have gathered over the years. Interpreting ideas from a feeling or spark of inspiration on my beach and bush walks enables me to sharpen my senses, seeing and thinking with greater clarity. My studio is a treasure trove of vintage and reclaimed textiles, fibres, a stone, shell, leaf,  piece of metal or organic matter that have all been transformed by time and elemental forces found on one of my walks. Up-cycling is an integral part of my practice.

Some of the techniques I use are stitch, both hand and machine, weaving, painting, printing, drawing, sculpture and I enjoy combining methods and materials, as inspiration and the work directs. The physicality of working with fibre, cloth and threads for their suppleness, delicacy and strength, is an essential component in allowing me to create my art and the desire to explore and satisfy my artistic needs. I am happiest when experimenting with techniques and ideas, exploiting their contrasting tactile and visual qualities, but thrilled when I can collaborate with other artists.

My current work, which is based heavily on stitch, a mix of contemporary and traditional stitching using some unconventional materials or already acquired threads, fabric cast-offs and found objects to create a piece of art. My work is constantly developing and I hope that it leaves the viewer wanting to see more.