Samantha Tannous

Tannous, Sam_web

Artist Statement

My creative inspirations come from Australian landscapes, my inner dreamscape, and my materials – mostly fibre of any kind. I collect fibres, I covet them, hoard them, and experiment with their transformational properties.


Feltmaking has been my primary practice until recently, when paper, artist’s books, wire and stitch have begun to appear in my works. I am fascinated with the sculptural possibilities of these elements, alone and together. Works that take up space – rather than hang on a wall – invite the viewer to walk around them, look into them from different angles and experience new perspectives.


I am spoilt by my local natural environment, living and working in Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast. The white sands and turquoise waters attract visitors from all over the world. The sea delivers up treasures on daily walks, from spiral-shaped shark eggs to banksia cones encrusted with quartz stones. I collect these too, and pile them around my home and studio as an offering to the deities of the arts, and a reminder to be grateful for the abundance that life presents to me.


Tannous, Sam