Samantha Tannous

Tannous, Sam

Artist Statement

I am a fibre artist living and working on the pristine NSW South Coast. The Australian bush and coastal landscapes are an intrinsic part of our identity, informing our lifestyles, and influencing our notions of light and colour. The bush and the sea undergo constant transformation, revealing new sights and treasures for those who look. My ‘bowerbird nature’ comes to the fore and is evident in the bowl of banksia cones, the vase of stones, the pile of metallic, translucent shells and the driftwood that sits by the front door, continuing to bleach and age.

Currently inspired by all of that and more, my fibre sculptures aim to capture moments of beauty and transition in the Australian landscape. The textures, the rich colour palette and the complex forms are both a challenge and a natural fit for felt and fibre, which are blended, shaped and manipulated into abstract representations to evoke a memory of our landscape.


2017 Pamela MacGregor ‘Felted tea pots’
Fiona Duthie ‘Felting over the edge’
2016 Pam de Groot ‘Surface, form and space in feltmaking’
Pam Hovel ‘Felting with locks’ and ‘Felt garments and natural printing’
2015 Fiona Duthie ‘Surface design online’
Marjolein Dallinga ‘Form in felt’
Anne Leon ‘Plant dyeing and shibori’
2014 Anita Larkin ‘Felt form 3D’
Patricia Black ‘Shibori draped’
As well as:
Catherine O’Leary ‘Nunofelted wraps’ and ‘Painting with fibre and fabric’
Liz Clay ‘Translating images, photography and nunofelt’
Nancy Ballestros ‘Felting with silk hankies’
Jane Callander ‘Shibori and indigo’

Group Exhibitions
2018     Synthesis – untethered fibre artists inc. GalleryONE88, Katoomba, NSW
2018     inTransituntethered fibre artists inc. Tuggeranong Arts Centre. ACT
2017    inTransit  – untethered fibre artists, Wallarobba Arts & Cultural Centre, NSW
2017    ebb and flowuntethered fibre artists, Muswellbrook Regional Art Gallery, NSW
2017    ebb and flowuntethered fibre artists, Belconnen Arts Centre, ACT
2016    ebb and flow  – untethered fibre artists, Wallarobba Arts & Cultural Centre, NSW
2015     Out of Handuntethered fibre artists, Wallarobba Arts & Cultural Centre, NSW

Professional Affiliations
2015 – date  untethered fibre artists
2012 – date  Australian Textile Arts & Surface Design Association (ATASDA)