Lorna Crane

My approach as a professional artist is process based, experimental and exploratory. Where the search for that sense of uniqueness over the past 40 years is an essential part in my investigations as a painter, printmaker and fibre artist. Since moving to the far south coast of NSW 19 years ago my studio practice has given me the opportunity to delve deeper into my work. During this time my work has been about the landscape of time and place. To me the places I inhabit are an essential part of the process where that sense of memory echoes throughout my work. These works speak about moments of time where repeat motifs are  formed in an experiential and gestural manner.

It is from that place from deep within, where shapes form and then distilled into fragments of past and present, merging together in an abstract form through memory mapping. It is about seeking questions and revealing an intimate personalised glimpse into my inner landscape – both physically and metaphorically – known and unknown, that explore a deeper understanding of material language.

Currently my arts practice is exploring a more 3D approach where vessel shapes forms that embrace ideas of duality, by questioning contrasting and conflicting mediums in my choice of materials. These include concrete and plaster casting, paper mache as well as auditioning vessels that are hand-painted stitched cloth emerging in one piece to create textural elements that question tactility and the desire to touch.