Fiona Hammond


Fiona Hammond is a mixed-media artist whose love of beads, textiles and fibre has led to an eclectic array of wearable and non-wearable pieces over the last 16 years – everything from contemporary quilts to jewellery and sculptural forms.

Her main modalities are beadwork, quilting, textile arts, kumihimo braiding and coiled basketry. She is well known for her love of vibrant colour and a somewhat quirky aesthetic.

Fiona’s quilts and beadwork pieces have been seen in Australian quilting and beading magazines, as well as various exhibitions. She has received many awards and prizes for her work over the years.

She has been an invited Guest Artist at several Stitches and Craft Shows around the country in 2015, where her display of artworks and her hands-on workshops have been well received.

Fiona is an enthusiastic teacher in the field of creative arts and crafts, and loves to share her knowledge and skills with her students.
Instagram: @fionahammondtextilesbeadsfibre

Fiona Hammond_Dancing Platter_ Photo Des Foster