Carolyn Cabena

Fashion has always inspired me for as long as I can remember.  My desire to create from the initial fabric design to constructing a wearable garment which would represent the fashion of that particular time.  My love of graphics and pattern show up in my work today.  Photography and memories of places travelled in remote areas of Australia are a never ending source of inspiration. Sometimes a response to current social and environmental issues creep into my work.

I limit myself to materials I have at hand and explore the aspect of that material.  I’m not interested in using new technology in these explorations but prefer to use my hands and skills to achieve the result I am aiming for in the concept.  Currently I am applying fibre collage with painting acrylics on canvas or board. Wire and hessian interest me for their relation to nature and as sculptural possibilities.

Everything I have learnt about colour has come from years of dyeing and decorating fabric.  The technical skills of working with various dyes has taught me about transparency and opaqueness, value, tone and harmonious colour which I use now with painting acrylics.