Sh#t Happens

or comfort/discomfort – the cushion project

Subversive, profane, or paradoxical messages delivered in unexpectedly soft or traditional crafts is not a new concept, but it’s powerfully relevant for untethered and for the times we are currently in.

The project relates to the women throughout history, who can be said to have subverted the traditional home decor item eg sampler, quilt or textile, using text or illustration to express strongly held feelings, beliefs and opinions, disguised within a traditional textile artefact.

Subverting associations with a cushion – created for comfort, a soft place to rest, an innocuous home décor item. Our cushions hold confronting messages in disguise, cheeky puns, or imagery that makes you look twice. Makes you laugh… or even better makes you think.

The cushion project is an uncomplicated initiative to have a laugh and be cheeky.



10th March – 21st March 2021

PROJECT 2060: HOMEWARD BOUND is a major curatorial initiative exhibiting works by 150 artists at five Council venues. This innovative project showcases the breadth of creativity in the region incorporating installation, sculpture, new media, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, textiles, basketry, paper making & contemporary jewellery by  artists & groups who have participated in Council’s Arts & Culture North Sydney programs. An Arts & Culture North Sydney 
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