Margo-Lynne Lee

Lee, Margo-Lynne

Artist Statement

My passion for stitching was reignited after a travelling around the UK and given the opportunity to attend a short course in Silk Shading and Goldwork at the Royal School of Needlework in London.

As an emerging Textile Artist my work encompasses all forms of stitch, both traditional and contemporary using a wide variety of threads on different textile surfaces.

My background in Fine Arts allows me to draw, photograph, paint my images and then translate them into designs for my work.

My skill and technique repertoire continues to expand as I’m constantly learning and participating in workshops offered by both national and international tutors.

When I’m not stitching, I love to share my needlework skills with others.

My passion and my goal for the future is to pass on the love of stitch to the younger generation and keeping hand stitching alive.


Lee, Margo-Lynne_Cropped Cretan Man