Kelcie Bryant-Duguid


Bryant-Duguid, Kelcie

Artist Statement

I am an educator, an activist, a feminist and an artist. I use my work to give voice to events that have shaped me, and broader community and societal issues that resonate with me. My art practice is multi-disciplinary with the primary focus lying in the territories of encaustic mixed media and textiles. Central themes include: identity, belonging, memory and place.

An assortment of materials and techniques are employed in the creation of my encaustic paintings, which have a textiles sensibility. I use the elements of colour, texture and expressive mark making to create movement and evoke emotion. I do not shy away from difficult subjects. Textured surfaces fuse a range of materials. Layers are excavated to expose what lies beneath. Traditional textile techniques of dyeing, batik, shibori and printmaking, are featured in my work. Dyed silks, printed papers and stitched elements are collaged on wooden panels. Textiles are key ingredients in this organic recipe.

Other textiles I create include sculptural dress forms and wearable garments. They represent the feminine. There is a familiarity about them, representing the simple but powerful image of domestic life and the journey of women. They are universal symbols, a blank canvas to convey messages that are sometimes political, but always personal.