Jane Bodnaruk


Bodnaruk, Jane_Web

Artist Statement

I am interested in the daily lives of women, and portraying that in an art which connects my everyday life to the past, the present and the future. The process involved in the creation of my art is often as important as the outcome. I may employ time consuming and repetitive actions and techniques to create works mirroring a woman’s commitment to nurturing.

Nurture is not quantifiable, and so is rarely noted as a significant contribution to society. Women are full of potential. How, when and if that potential is realised can be affected by luck, resilience and health. It is the direction and the quality of the journey taken that creates the stories of our lives.

In 2020, I am studying to complete a Masters of Visual Arts (Advanced). My journey through this study began with Australia’s convict women, reflecting on how they made their way through the difficulties of colonial life. I have investigated the value of domestic labour, in particular the repetition of laundry tasks. The gestures and philosophies of the objects and tasks of daily life, and the traces they leave are also of interest.

Techniques are chosen according to how they fit the current concept and theme. Hand stitch and repurposing of clothes and fabrics are often used.

Bodnaruk, Jane