inTransit EXHIBITION 2018

The paradox of discovery through fibre…
Artists explore the duality inherent within in the state of being in transit through fibre.
Examining the relative significances of journey and destination; of place, memory, time and states of being.

Brenda Livermore
Artwork Brenda Livermore_Earth Codes                                                    Photographer Janet Tavener

inTransit is the third annual exhibition title for the untethered fibre artists inc. Each new title builds upon the last and adds to untethered’s evolution and exploration within fibre arts.

inTransit Catalogue now available contact us now!

90 pages, 40 artworks, 40 full images; plus 40 detail photos, artists statements and concepts.
Catalogue $37, including PP Australia wide

Tuggeranong Arts Centre
10th May – 2nd June 2018

137 Reed Street
Greenway ACT
(02) 6293 1443

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Exhibition Preview:
Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre
31st Oct – 12th Nov 2017

untethered fibre artists inc are very proud to be part of the celebrations of
Hornsby Shire Council’s Festival of the Arts (FOTA)

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Photographer Janet Tavener